Watch The Magic Happen at Salon Elinaz..

Watch The Magic Happen at Salon Elinaz..

I've been plucking my own eyebrows for years, as you can probably tell, because there was never a lot to pluck. However I did always struggled to get them in a similair shape because one brow just grows more round and the other more straight, also one is a little higher. My goal in life was to get them both straight and on the same level, but unfortunately that was never my reality :(

A couple of years ago, different girls around me started to get their eyebrows tattooed. It kind of scared me but it always looked super beautiful and natural. I started to hear more more about it and found out it's not really a tattoo, but it's a semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo. The results can last up to two years with and is a more natural-looking alternative to traditional permanent makeup. Traditional tattooed eyebrows will eventually get that greenish color that litterally NOBODY would ever want in their life :)

All my friends and acquaintances got their eyebrows done at same place and they seperately all told me that this was THE place to go: Salon Elinaz. Everyone told me that this girl named Cigdem is simply the best at what she does and she makes your brows look A-MAZE-ING. Apparantly she also has a lot of famous Dutchies as clients. So I decided that I definetly wanted to get mine done by her. I called to make an apointment and found out she had a waiting list of 9 months!!

Luckily, through my best friend, I could get an appointment sooner! I was so excited to go but also a little nervous about the end result. As soon as I enterd the salon, Cigdem make me feel super welcome and relaxed. It felt like I was a friend of hers that she was going to take good care of. That really made me relaxed and took away all my anxiety!

The first step was to outline the right shape of the eyebrows. Because mine were so different from eachother she really had to work out what the right shape would be. She had to bring one up more and make the other one more straight.

As you can see in the video she then plucked my eyebrows a little and applied anesthetic cream, when that settled in, she started the microblading proces. Contrary to traditional tattooing, microblading uses a small hand tool with micro-needles at the end to precisely put pigment underneath the first layer of skin. The manual tool allows Cigdem to create exact strokes mimicking natural hairs.

The sensation of microblading is a light scratching feeling with a little discomfort only at the end. On the pain scale of 1-10 I'd give it a 3 and when the numbing cream stops working at the end, maybe a 4 or 5. This treatment is highly bearable and hurts a lot less then a bikini wax for instance.

One hour later and my eyebrows were done! Cigdem advized me to not get my brows wet for at least 3 days and to not put any cream or vaseline on them. This way the pigment would get enough time to absorb well.. She told me that I would need a follow up visit in 4 weeks to fine-tune my brows and get the overall best end result. It's been 3 weeks now and I'm in love with the results. My eyebrows are fuller and have the best shape EVER! Whenever I look at myself in the mirror without make-up on, I feel so much better about how I look. Your eyebrows have such a big impact on the shape of your face. I really wish I had done this years ago!

If you are considering getting your eyebrows done, you should definitely go to Salon Elinaz because Cigdem really is the best in the eyebrow department and aside from that, she is very friendly and makes you feel super comfortable during the whole process. Keep in mind she is super busy and there is a long waiting list, but it's definitely all worth it!

Special thanks to Salon Elinaz!


This photo was taken the next morning.


After 5 days the treated skin started to get a little more dry and peel off a little bit.


The end result after 8 days, beautifully shaped and super natural and full looking eyebrows #SoHappY

After putting on my make-up and defining my brows just a little tiny bit with my eyebrowpencil.

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