My Personal Wish List

My Personal Wish List

The month of December is really all about the holidays. Everywhere you go there are beautiful Christmas decorations and Christmas lights. All the shops have great gift ideas with the most amazing ways of gift wrapping.

Every week of this holiday month I am dedicating a post to different gift ideas. I will make gift guides with products of different categories that you might also add to your own wish list!  This week I'm starting off with my own personal wish list.

- The List - 

Arlésienne - Recently I bought a gift for someone from L'occitane and I came across this delicious perfume. It's so fresh, floral and feminine!

Givenchy clutch - I really need a new clutch and love how this one is a little more urban/ghetto chic than a lot of other clutches. 

Dior Nailpolish - A lot of beauty brands have special holiday collections out now. Dior has the ' Golden Shock' collection with really beautiful little bottles and pretty colors. I'm obsessed with the red color called 'shock'. I feel like red is the ultimate December color for your nails and lips!

Maison Michel hat - This hat has been on my wish list for a year! It's so FAB and I love the burgundy color on this one. 

Diptyque - My favorite scented candles are the ones from Diptyque. They make your whole house smell delicious and there are a lot of different scents to choose from. The 'Feu de Bois' is really woody and wintery, just perfect for the December month.  

H&M Mask - I came across this mask on their website the other day. It's so fabulous and a great way to add some fun to Christmas dinner and maybe also after dinner in the bedroom ;)

KORA - This is Miranda Kerrs Organic skin care & body care line. I've been dying to try her products and they also look so pretty!

YSL Lipstick - A little red never hurt nobody right! Again I really am a sucker for this color. It's so chic and will match perfectly with the Dior nail polish.

Christian Louboutins - This is ALWAYS a good gift idea, point blank!

Scmyk - Lately I like to wear more smaller earrings. These little stars are super cute and are gold plated so they'll stay nice!

What are the items that are on your wish list this year? I'm so curious so let me now below!

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