The 9 Streets

The 9 Streets

As you may have read in my previous post, is that one of my favorite places in Amsterdam are the 9 streets. In this post I will share a couple of my favorite spots! I used to work in a men's clothing store in the Wolvenstraat, this street is really in the center of the 9 streets. Because I worked here for almost a year, I really got to know the area and the best spots to have lunch at or where to get the best pastry from.

- Broodje Bert -

This really is the best sandwich place in town! The people are always friendly and the sandwiches are big and delishh!! They have this special salade mix that they add to your sandwich which makes it so fresh and tasty. You get a lot of deliciousness for your money here. I really recommend the BLT and the special sandwich with Brie cheese if you want to go the vegetarian way.  The omelets are the best hangover remedy after a night of partying!

- Second female -

In my lunch breaks I used to always check out this cute little store called Loulou. This was a multibrand store but I loved the clothes they had of this brand called Second Female. When I went back there I saw that the whole shop was gone and people told me the owner had opened a new shop, just around the corner on the Prinsengracht

I was super excited to hear that and went there to check it out. Surprisingly it turned out to be a Second Female shop! Their winter collection is super!! It's a Danish brand that makes simpel but beautiful clothing and uses really nice fabrics. The shop looks amazing and has a lot of atmosphere.

- Pompadour -

On saturdays we always used to order some treats from Pompadour for the customers of our store. Pompadour really has the most beautiful looking and delicious pastry and bonbons. The interior of the shop is amazing, it looks so chic and it has a super french vibe. I recommend literally everything that they have to offer!!

- Marie-Stella-Maris -

Originally a dutch waterbrand but with a very different approach. This company really wants to make a difference by donating money to different clean drinking water projects. For every purchase they donate a fixed amount to projects worldwide.

Just recently they openend their first store where you can buy their water but also different care products for all skin types and a selection of home fragrances. The store looks very good, it has a super clean and light vibe. They turned the basement into a cool waterbar where you can drink their water but also other beverages like coffee or tea.

The people that work there are very friendly and really take the time to explain everything. They have a lot of knowledge about the company and the products and they'll let you try anything! I'm a huge fan of their face and body oil, especially the 'Poivre Noir Fraiche'.

All the products are manufactured in Sweden and are free from silicones, parabens and are not tested on animals. I really recommend dropping by this store if you're in the 9 streets and try all their divine lotions and oils. You will definitely not leave without buying a product you'll love!

Hope you liked my review and if you ever visit the 9 streets please share your experiences!

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